Welcome to PACRIM15 & CICC-13 in Shenzhen, China !
Welcome to PACRIM15 & CICC-13 in Shenzhen, China !

Welcome to PACRIM15 & CICC-13 in Shenzhen, China !

Hello, ladies and gentlemen,16 years ago, PACRIM7 was successfully held in 2007 in Shanghai, China. Now, PACRIM15 will return to China again. On behalf of the Chinese Ceramic Society, we are very honored and delighted to welcome you to The 15th Pacific Rim Conference of Ceramic Societies (PACRIM15) during November 5-9, 2023 in Shenzhen, China. We are also very excited to have the 13th International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC-13) at this conference venue as well. Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong SAR, is located in the southern part of Guangdong Province, east of the Pearl River Delta. Though only has been founded for 40 years, she has already become one of the most important cities in China. She is very famous for the open and tolerate policy, renovation, and high-tech. Here, you will enjoy an excellent forum for the interactions and friendships with participants from various continents, who will be involved in the research, development, engineering, manufacturing, and application of ceramics and glass materials and technologies. Shenzhen is also one of the top ten livable cities in China, with a very mild climate. After the conference, you will get a close feel of the open and active city, feel the modern and traditional Chinese cultures and relax yourself with traveling to the famous local scenic spots such as Splendid China and Cultural Folk Villages, Silver Lake Tourist Resort, Xiaomeisha Seaside Resort, etc. So, we would like to invite all of you to take advantage of this opportunity to visit the flourishing city of Shenzhen. We are sure PACRIM15 & CICC-13 will inspire and enrich you. Thank you and see you in Shenzhen!

Thank you and see you in Shenzhen!

Conference Chair: Dr. & Prof. Yu ZHOU
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics
Former President of Harbin Institute of Technology
Former President of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen
Conference Co-chair: Dr. Ruiping GAO
President of the Chinese Ceramic Society

Plenary Speakers

Rajendra K. Bordia Hideo Hosono Shaoming Dong Hui-Suk Yun Steven J. Zinkle
Clemson University,USA Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CHINA Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS), KOREA University of Tennessee,USA
Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics Honorary and Institute professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Distinguished Fellow, National Institute for Materials Science. Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics
Head of advanced biomaterials research department Member of National Academy of Engineering
Title of the Talk: Analysis and Simulation Guided Processing and Properties of Anisotropic Hierarchical Porous Ceramics for Energy Conversion and Storage Title of the Talk: Hidden Potential of Abundant Materials: Frontier Opened from Transparent Oxide Research Title of the Talk: Design and Construction of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Ultra-high Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites Title of the Talk: Novel Multi-material Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Biomedical Applications Title of the Talk: High Performance Ceramic Materials for the Extreme Environments of Fission and Fusion Energy Systems

Congress Committees

Conference Chair

Yu Zhou, Harbin Institute of Technology
Ruiping Gao, The Chinese Ceramic Society

International Academic Committee Chair

Wei Pan, Tsinghua University
Hua-Tay Lin, Guangdong University of Technology
Yanchun Zhou, Zhengzhou University

Local Organizing Committee Chair

Zhanping Jin, The Chinese Ceramic Society
Fu Tan, The Chinese Ceramic Society
Yudong Huang, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen


Dechang Jia, Harbin Institute of Technology
Jing-Feng Li, Tsinghua University

Hosted by

The Chinese Ceramic Society

Organized by

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Shenzhen
Advanced Ceramic Division of the Chinese Ceramic Society
Key Laboratory of Advanced Structural-Functional Integration Materials & Green Manufacturing Technology, HIT
State Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Processing, Tsinghua University
Zhihe Research Institute of Advanced Materials Application Technology, Shenzhen

Supported by

Shenzhen Futian District Technology & Innovation Bureau
Department of Engineering and Materials Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
Federation of Guangdong Academicians

Endorsed by


Conference Data

  • 30000 m 2
    Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel
  • 29
  • 31
    Participating countries & regions
  • 340
  • ~1500