Welcome to PACRIM15 & CICC-13 in Shenzhen, China !
Welcome to PACRIM15 & CICC-13 in Shenzhen, China !

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Symposium 18

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and Solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs) have gained increasing interest in recent years due to their capability of achieving high-efficiency power generation and hydrogen production. Significant progress has been made in recent decades, bringing SOFCs into their early stage of commercialization. However, SOFCs are still facing challenges in durability and cost, both of which are associated with materials operating at high temperatures, design of cell and stack, and manufacturing processes. The symposium will provide a forum to exchange research ideas on these areas together with electrochemical processes of SOFCs and related conduction mechanisms.
To achieve a cleaner and low carbon future, hydrogen has also garnered significant interest as a chemical means of storage for electricity available from either baseload or renewable power plants. The symposium will also give a wide overview of the state-of-the-art materials needed and technologies in the fields of hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and safety.

Proposed sessions
ª Oxygen ion and mixed conductors; conduction mechanisms, materials limitations
ª Proton conducting SOFCs
ª Single cell design, microstructural engineering, manufacturing, and electrochemical performance
ª Interconnects materials, manufacturing, coating processes and their properties
ª Sealing materials, chemical compatibility and their stability
ª Stack design, performance, reliability and durability
ª Modeling and theory computation of materials, cell and stack
ª Materials and degradation mechanisms with various fuels
ª Reversible SOECs and high temperature electrolysis
ª Materials and technologies for hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and safety SOFCs system
ª Prototypes, commercialization plans, and economic assessments

- Minfang Han (Points of Contact), Tsinghua University, China, hanminfang@tsinghua.edu.cn
- Fatih Dogan (Points of Contact), Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA, doganf@mst.edu
- Guntae Kim, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
- Federico Smeacetto, Politecnico Di Torino, Italy
- Meng Ni, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
- Di Chen, Tsinghua University, China

Keynote Speakers

  Guntae Kim, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, China
  Tentative Title: The progress of SOE technology in Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP) CAS
  Brief Bio: To be confirmed
To be confirmed
  Naoki Shikazono, the University of Tokyo, Japan
  Tentative Title: Operando Observations of SOC Fuel Electrodes
  Brief Bio: To be confirmed
To be confirmed
  Minfang Han, Tsinghua University, China
  Tentative Title: Differences in Reaction Process of Large Cells and Button Cells in SOFC and SOEC Modes
  Brief Bio: To be confirmed
To be confirmed
  Fatih Dogan, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA
  Tentative Title: Clean Hydrogen Technologies: Utilization of Ceramics in Production, Distribution and End-Use
  Brief Bio: To be confirmed
To be confirmed
  Yan Chen, South China University of Technology, China
  Tentative Title: Tunning the Redox Process of Lattice Oxygen/hydrogen for Promoted Electro-catalytic Activity Toward Small Molecular Conversion
  Brief Bio: To be confirmed
To be confirmed
  Francesco Ciucci, University of Bayreuth, Germany
  Tentative Title: Cobalt-Free Air Electrodes for Protonic Ceramic Cells
  Brief Bio: To be confirmed
To be confirmed

Invited Speakers

  Yunfeng Tian, China University of Mining and Technology, China
  Tentative Title: Phase Transition with in-situ Exsolution Nanoparticles in Reduced Pr0.5Ba0.5FeO3-δ Based Electrode for Solid Oxide Cells
  Yuhao Wang, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
  Tentative Title: Self-recovered Symmetrical Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cell with Smart Reversible Exsolution/Dissolution Electrode
  Tenglong Zhu, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
  Tentative Title: Submicron GDC Barrier Layer Fabrication Via in-situ Hydrothermal Growth: Mechanism, Performance and Durability
  Marc Torrell Faro, IREC, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, Spain
  Tentative Title: Development of Reversible SOEC/SOFC System Forazero Emissions Network Energy System:Progress Within the 24/7_Zen Project
  Sihyuk Choi, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea
  Tentative Title: Protonic Ceramic Electrochemical Cells for High Efficient Hydrogen Production and Electricity Generation
  Yan Dong, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
  Tentative Title: Performance-uniformity Oriented Current Collector Designing for Industrial-sized Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack
  Yufei Song, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China
  Tentative Title: Janus-type Substitution for High-performance Reversible Protonic Ceramic Cells
  Di Chen, Tsinghua University, China
  Tentative Title: In-situ Growth of Binary Alloy Nanoparticles for Efficient Electrochemical Nitrate Reduction to Ammonia
  Ying Lu, Westlake University, China
  Tentative Title: Understanding Electrochemically-Driven Exsolution in Perovskite Oxides by Designing Graded Oxygen Chemical Potential
  Shuo Zhai, Shenzhen University, China
  Tentative Title: A Combined Ionic Lewis-acid Descriptor and Machine-learning Approach to Prediction of Efficient Oxygen Reduction Electrodes for Ceramic Fuel Cells
  Wonyoung Lee, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
  Tentative Title: Electrostatic Spray Deposition Based Interface Engineering for High Performance Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cells
  Daan Cui, Dalian Maritime University, China
  Tentative Title: Performance Evaluation of SOFC-PEMFC Hybrid System Fueled by Ammonia for Ship Application
  Xianwen Mao, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  Tentative Title: Understanding Inter-facet Junction Effects on Particulate Photoelectrodes for Green H2 Technologies
  Zewei Lyu, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  Tentative Title: Decoupling and Predicting Performance Degradation of SOFCs Based on Impedance Analysis
  Jaroslaw Milewski, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
  Tentative Title: Modeling Electrical Behavior of Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells by using Artificial Neural Network
  Shixue Liu, China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute, China
  Tentative Title: Lattice Boltzmann Study of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode Degradation Based on Three Dimensional Reconstruction
  Xiaofeng Tong, North China Electric Power University, China
  Tentative Title: Enhancing Durability of Ni/YSZ Electrode-Supported Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells under High Current Densities
  Yunfei Bu, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology , China
  Tentative Title: To be confirmed