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Symposium 29

PACRIM Enterprise Forum

Regional economic advantage in markets is underpinned by the robustness of its research and innovation enterprise. Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of technology transfer and commercialization practices in the region improves innovation-driven economic growth, translates the value of research and innovation to companies is the primary aim of the Pacrim Enterprise Forum (PEF). Interactions with faculty, researchers, and students around the world are highly valued opportunities provided for industries, as these interactions often sow the seeds of successful collaborations and good advertisements to future employees. PEF can help to advocate your company’s research and strategic agenda, and secure substantive meetings with your targeted faculty and researchers.

Proposed sessions
ª Economic Security, Strategic Competition, and Research Enterprise
ª Building Research and Commercialization Capacity
ª Risk Management in the Modern Global Competition and Security Environment
ª Next Horizons and New Models for Driving Innovation Landscapes
ª Novel Public-Private-Academic Partnerships Across the Research Enterprise
ª Innovate in Difficult Times: the Story of a Successful Company
ª Partnerships to Drive Digital Transformation
ª A Changing Landscape in Ceramic-Related Enterprise: Emerging Technologies, and Sustainability
ª The Importance of Ceramic Research to the Economy
ª Discovery Accelerator Approach to Partnership
ª Rebuilding the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME)
ª University-Industry Research Collaboration Challenges

- Wei Pan (Points of contact), Tsinghua University, China, panw@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn
- Hua-Tay Lin (Points of contact), Guangdong University of Technology, China, huataylin@gdut.edu.cn
- Shibin Jiang (Points of contact), AdValue Photonics Inc/Hangzhou Silverlake Laser Technology, USA, sjiang@advaluephotonics.com
- Weiru Zhang (Points of contact), Sinoma high-tech Materials Co., Ltd., China, zhangwr@vip.163.com
- Jowoong Ha, InoCera, Korea
- Makio Naito, Osaka University, Japan, Emeritus Professor
- Zhenxiao Fu, Guang Dong Fenghua Advanced Technology (Holding) Co., Ltd., China
- Dechang Jia, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
- Hanning Xiao, Hunan Universitiy, China
- Xifeng Hou (Points of contact), Innovation Association of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Technology, China, houxifeng3204114@126.com
- Ling Li, Shandong Industrial Ceramics Research & Design institute Co., Ltd., China
- Su Cheng, Zibei Science and Technology, China
- Kaiqi Liu, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Point of Contact Assistant
- Delong Cai, Harbin Engineering University, China, caidelong@139.com

Keynote Speakers

  Hasan MANDAL, TÜBİTAK and WAITRO, Türkiye
  Tentative Title: Co-Creation Based Collaboration for Succeeding Together in High-Performance Ceramics
  Brief Bio: Prof. Hasan Mandal attained his Ph.D. degree from Newcastle University
in 1992. Post-doctoral studies were undertaken at Newcastle University (1992-1994) and Karlsruhe University (1997-1998) as an Alexander Humboldt scholar. In 1994, Mandal became Assistant Professor in the Department of Ceramic Engineering at Anadolu University, receiving an Associate Professor status in 1996 and tenured professor status in 2001. With more than 140 publications, 75 in SCI journals, an h-index of 24, 1810 citations, and 6 international patents, Prof. Mandal holds various national and international awards, including the TÜBITAK Science Award. He is a member of TÜBA, World Academy of Ceramics, and Academia Europaea. Prof. Mandal was appointed as a member of the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) in March 2015, elected to the Executive Board of CoHE in April 2015, and the Deputy Chairman of CoHE in July 2016. Prof. Mandal served in these positions until January 2018 and as Deputy Rector of Sabancı University from January to February 2018. He was assigned as the President of TÜBITAK on February 22, 2018, appointed as a member of the Presidential Science, Technology and Innovation Policies Council on October 8, 2018, and elected as the acting president on November 1, 2018. He was elected as a board member of the Council of Higher Education in April 2019. The second term of Prof. Mandal as the President of TÜBİTAK through appointment commenced on February 21, 2022. The World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations (WAITRO) as an international organization founded under the auspices of the United Nations is also being presided by Prof. Mandal since 2023.
  Shibin Jiang, AdValue Photonics Inc / Hangzhou Silverlake Laser Technology, USA
  Tentative Title: Laser Based Equipment for Ceramic Manufacturing
  Brief Bio: Dr. Shibin Jiang is founder and Chair of Board of AdValue Photonics Inc.
and Adjunct Research Professor at College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona. He received Ph.D. degree from Universite de Rennes 1, France. He was Co-founder and CTO of NP Photonics Inc.
Dr. Jiang holds 87 issued patents, edited 36 proceeding books, authored 150 publications, has H index of 46, and has served as chairs of 42 international technical conferences including OPTO at Photonics West for SPIE and Advanced Solid-State Laser Congress for Optica. He served as many award committees for Optica, SPIE and The America Ceramic Society (ACerS), and associate editors for 4 scientific journals. He was the chair for Glass and Optical Materials Division of ACerS in 2014. Currently is the chair of technical committee of optical fibers and photonics glasses of International Commission on Glass (ICG), and a member of board of directors of ACerS.
Dr. Jiang was awarded with the Gottardi Prize in 2005 from ICG, 2012 and 2014 R&D 100 Awards, and 2018 R&D 100 Award Finalist. He received the 2018 Corporate Technical Achievement Award and the Medal for Leadership in the Advancement of Ceramic Technology in 2021 and was named as The Global Ambassador in 2019 by the ACerS. Dr. Jiang is a Fellow of SPIE, ACerS, and Optica. He is elected as an academician of the World Academy of Ceramics in 2020.
  Hanning Xiao, Hunan University, China
  Tentative Title: Structure and Function Regulation and Industrialization of Porous Ceramics
  Brief Bio: Hanning Xiao, Ph.D., Professor of Hunan University, Ph.D. supervisor,
Director of Ceramic Research Institute, holds the State Council Government Special Allowance Expert. Xiao received his Ph.D. degree from Hunan University in 1991, and studied in Japan from 1994 to 1995 for postdoctoral research. Xiao was promoted to professor in 1995. Currently, Xiao is a director of the Chinese Ceramic Society, deputy director of Materials Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, deputy director of Electro-Ceramics Committee of the Chinese Electrotechnical Society, and deputy director of Hunan Ceramic Society, etc. Xiao serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Inorganic Materials, Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, Functional Materials, Refractories, Mechanical Engineering Materials, and Journal of Ceramics. The main research fields include: advanced structural ceramics, porous ceramics, and structural-functional integrated ceramics, etc. Xiao has presided over more than 30 national and provincial scientific research projects. The research achievements have won one second prize for national technological invention, one first prize and three second prizes for provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress. Xiao has published more than 330 papers in academic journals at domestic and international level, one monograph on "High Performance Structural Ceramics and its Applications", and more than 30 authorized invention patents.
  Zhengren Huang, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS, China
                                 Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineer, CAS, China
                                 Shanghai Institute of ceramics, CAS, China
  Tentative Title: Thermal Management Materials and Components of Ceramic Based Composite
  Brief Bio: Zhengren Huang is a doctor, a Principal Investigator, a doctoral
supervisor and the dean of Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Huang has been committed to new material design, key technologies, and major engineering applications of advanced structural ceramics. His research focused on ceramics for thermal management, carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide composites (Cf/SiC), lightweight optical ceramics and composites, porous ceramics, nanocomposite ceramics and ceramic matrix composites. He has been conducting works on powder treatment, advanced forming and fabrication of complex shaped ceramic components, surface modification of advanced ceramics, ceramics joining, non-destructive testing of ceramic components, and additive manufacturing of optical ceramic composites. The developed lightweight optical components, thermal management ceramic components, key ceramic components for lithography machines, and silicon nitride ceramic substrates have been applied in a large-scale. He has published more than 410 journal papers, authorized 148 invention patents, and has more than 120 pending patents.
  Yanfeng Gao, Shanghai University, China
  Tentative Title: Small Particles, Big Business
  Brief Bio: Hanning Xiao, Ph.D., Professor of Hunan University, Ph.D. supervisor,
Director of Ceramic Research Yanfeng Gao is the group leader of light/thermal-management materials at Shanghai University. He got his PhD from Nagoya University in 2004. From 2004 to 2012 he worked at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS, Musashi Institute of Technology, and Nagoya University. Dr. Gao has published over 200 journal articles and filed over 100 patents. He is the recipient of the prestigious Changjiang Scholar and the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars awards. His research interest lies in the synthesis, surface modification, dispersion of nano/microparticle, chemical growth of films and coatings, dynamic smart window materials, phase change materials, and the industrial applications of the above mentioned.
  Martin Schwentenwein, Lithoz GmbH, Austria
  Tentative Title: Lithography-based 3D Printing of Ceramics - Industrial Standard or Prototyping Technology
  Brief Bio: Martin Schwentenwein has a background in technical chemistry and
specialized in photopolymerization and additive manufacturing (completion of PhD thesis on development of new resin systems for stereolithography at the Technical University of Vienna in 2012). He joined the then start-up Lithoz in 2012 and built up the R&D division there. The R&D group now comprises more than 35 researcher, engineers, and technicians and focuses mainly on the development of new processes, 3D printers, and ceramic suspensions. His current position is Chief Scientific Officer and R&D Coordinator at Lithoz.
  Jiangtao Li, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy
                       of Sciences, China
  Tentative Title: On the Progress of Combustion Synthesis of Silicon-based Ceramics
  Brief Bio: Professor jiangtao Li is mainly engaged in the research of combustion
synthesis theory and preparation technology of silicon-based ceramics and infrared ceramics, as well as the application research of new passive radiation cooling technology based on infrared ceramics. He has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation key project, the ITPA talent project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the 863 key project, and the major scientific research instrument development project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has won the prize of Science and Technology of China Materials Research Society, the prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress, the 8th Huo Yingdong Young Teachers Fund and Young Teachers Award of the Ministry of Education. He has published more than 200 academic papers, cooperated with 1 English monograph, and won more than 30 national invention patents.

Invited Speakers

  Tomoyuki Okuni, Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd., Japan
  Tentative Title: Advances in Graphite Materials for Energy Savings and Creations
  Santosh Limaye, Vesta Si Sweden AB an SKF Group Company, Sweden
  Tentative Title: Changing Landscape of Ceramic Related Enterprise - emerging Technologies and Sustainability
  Yujin Wang, Jilin Changyu Advanced Materials Co LTD, China
  Tentative Title: From High-end Advanced Ceramic Powder to Ceramic Parts - Several Thoughts on Entrepreneurship
  Wanchun Feng, Huludao Huaneng Industrial Ceramic Co., Ltd., China
  Tentative Title: The Current Situation and Expectation of Ceramic Material Application in Pulverized Coal Burners of Coal-fired Power Station of China
  Gang Wang, State Key Laboratory of Advanced Refractories, Sinosteel Luoyang Institute
                        of Refractories Research Co., Ltd., Luoyang, China.
  Tentative Title: Green Preparation and Properties of 3D Large-sized SiC Nanowire Aerogels
  Qibing Chang, Jingdezhen Ceramic University, China
  Tentative Title: Design and Application of Disc Ceramic Membrane
  Qinghong Zhang, Donghua University, China
  Tentative Title: Technology Ways and Industrial Application of Insulating Oxide Coating on Titanium Dioxide Ultrafine Powder
  Jianjun Chen, Zhejiang Sci - Tech University, China
  Tentative Title: Fabrication and Properties of SiC Nanofibers and Silicon-based Ceramic Fibers
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