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Symposium 22

Ceramic Integration and Joining Technologies

The functional and economic impacts of ceramic materials are historically related to their integration and joining technologies that connect innovation in ceramics with manufacturing. Reliably integrating ceramics into products of very large or small sizes, and complex shapes or functions is a must to facilitate these emerging ceramic applications. Therefore, the integration and joining of ceramics have received increasing attention in many fields such as aerospace, aviation, nuclear energy, batteries, thermoelectric devices, medical treatment, and microelectronics. The joining of ceramic to itself or metal can be realized by using a variety of methods, such as diffusion bonding, brazing, soldering, hot pressing reaction sintering joining, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis joining, riveting, packaging, and chemical vapor deposition. The symposium provides a forum for researchers to share state-of-the-art ideas about the technical issues, challenges, perspectives, and opportunities in ceramic joining and integration. This symposium will discuss current computational and experimental studies in areas such as ceramic joining and integration technologies, microstructure-interface physical evolution-property relationships, ceramic assemblies’ reliability, and performance, with the ultimate goal of being application-oriented.

Proposed sessions

ª Ceramic joining to itself or metal

ª Ceramic riveting and bonding   

ª Ceramic packaging for device fabrication   

ª Micro- or Nano-integration for ceramic

ª Green ceramic joining or integration materials and equipment development

ª Processing, properties, and evolution of ceramic surface and interface

ª Modeling and theory computation of ceramic joining and integration

ª Performance and reliability of ceramic assemblies in the working environments


Tiesong Lin (Points of Contact), Harbin Institute of Technology, China, tiesonglin@hit.edu.cn

Rajiv Asthana (Points of Contact), University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA, asthanar@uwstout.edu

Heli Jantunen, University of Oulu, Finland

Fei Shen Ong, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Fabiana D'Isanto, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Mrityunjay Singh, Ohio Aerospace Institute, USA

Yan Liu, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Jian Cao, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Zhenwen Yang, Tianjin University, China

Lei Liu, Tsinghua University, China 

Dehua Xiong, Wuhan University of Technology, China

Xiaobing Zhou, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences,

- Xiaoguo Song, Harbin Institute of Technoloy, Weihai, China

Point of Contact Assistant

* Liangbo Sun, Harbin Institute of Technology, China, sunliangbo@hit.edu.cn